Dj Antoninus

NAME: Pierre Ashton King

HEIGHT:  6ft 2"

DJ NAME: Antoninus (An-Toe-Nine-Us) 

BORN:  04 Feb 1971

BIRTH TOWN: Munster Germany 

LIVES IN:  Telford, Shropshire, England

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Reggae , Dub Reggae,

Soul , R'n'B, Funk , Jazz , Salsa , African, House , Hip -Hop (Old Skool) ,Techno 40's & 50's Music All Styles of D'n'B

INSPIRATIONS: King Tubby (Godfather of Dub Reggae) Roots Radics Band, Sly & Robbie , Legendary Reggae singers from the early days. My Family & Close Friends.



Antoninus grew up on Reggae Music in all it's forms from early age in the 70's. Grew a love of Reggae with sound effects pioneered by King Tubby. By mid 80's had a greater understanding of this genre and began collecting Vinyl.

Then Hip-Hop & House music became popular and took up Breakdancing until it became less popular and new forms of Musical Culture came in.


Discovered Jungle in 1993, fell in love with it due to it's Reggae Basslines and Samples. 

Started DJing in 2002 on a CD Home All -In-One kit bought by his wife.


Then practiced on this , recording to Cassette Tape.


Christmas 2009 was bought an advance kit for mixing The Cortex Dm600 using Mp3 iPod , recording on Audacity.


Attended various Clubs , house parties meeting likeminded listeners. in particular the house of 'BUSY WORKS'  hosted by DJ Twice Daily introduced Antoninus to others where he met someone who'd change his life for the better (SMALLKUTZ)............

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